XRT-220S Ultimate Bag Gloves
XRT-220S Bag Gloves - White/Gold - Palm
XRT-220S Bag Gloves - White/Gold - Side
XRT-220S Bag Gloves - White/Gold - Punch Surface
XRT-220S Bag Gloves - Black/Red - Pair
XRT-220S Bag Gloves - Black/Red - Palm
XRT-220S Bag Gloves - Black/Red - Side
XRT-220S Bag Gloves - Black/Red - Punch Surface
XRD Extreme Impact Protection Video

XRT-220S Ultimate Bag Gloves


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The XRT gloves are specially designed for bag and pad work. Delivering unparalleled performance and durability with XRD® Extreme Impact Protection, which is proven to absorb up to 90% of the most extreme impacts, while maintaining its performance hit after hit.

The uncompromising craftsmanship is evident throughout, from the top grade leather and double stitching to the premium lining and advanced wrist support that ensures an exceptionally comfortable fit.

Important: These gloves are exclusively for bag & pad use and not suitable for sparring.


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