Not Currently Used - Our Story

One traveller heading out, one returning home with a big question. Here’s the story of how Phenom was born… 

It all started 20 years ago with a passionate craftsman. An artisan committed to excellence, producing boxing gloves and protective gear for some of the biggest brands in the world. Crafting gloves for world champions and boxing legends. But this was an artisan with little control over what he manufactured. 

On one typically drizzly September day, this craftsman travelled thousands of miles to hand deliver a pair of gloves to a world champion. This titan of boxing loved the fit and feel of the gloves and questioned why the craftsman didn’t have his own brand. 

This question weighed heavily on the mind of the craftsman as he sat waiting for his flight home. He realised it was time to break free and take the reins of his own destiny. 

A fellow passenger, a boxing enthusiast, seeking to start a new chapter of his own, sat a mere seat away. Had all been going well that day, the two may have parted on their separate journeys, but fate intervened. 

Unable to get a message home before boarding his flight, the craftsman asked for help and so a longer conversation started, interests and passions were discussed, a friendship was forged, and a new shared journey began. 

This meeting of minds marked the beginning of Phenom Boxing, a unique partnership unlike any other in the industry, with design and manufacturing in perfect harmony. 

Design and Manufacturing In Harmony - The Phenom Difference 

We’ve kept our design and production in house allowing us to oversee the entire process, from start to finish. And when we say start, we mean the very start, from the material selection through to putting in the last stitch. 

Take our foam, the most important material to protect your hands from the impacts you’ll endure while boxing. Instead of relying upon the easily available materials selected by an arms-length factory, we’ve spent years searching for the perfect foams - and there’s not a foam supplier in Europe we haven’t spoken to.

It’s not just foam, our search for the finest cuts of leather has taken us from the UK to Italy, Turkey and some of the most remote tanneries in the world. Whether it’s the clips in our headgear from Japan or fastening straps from the US we haven’t spared any attention to detail in sourcing the very best materials. 

Materials, like canvas and paints don’t make a masterpiece on their own. The perfect form and fit requires both engineering and artistic talent, which our team of highly skilled craftsmen have honed over the years. We then work with our global network of boxing professionals and coaches to put prototypes through their paces to ensure every product outperforms its predecessor. 

It’s this dedication to quality that ensures everything we craft “fits like a glove”. 

The Power of Boxing 

Why are we so passionate about boxing? We believe it has the power to change lives. Boxing has a transformational effect on young people around the world, offering new hope and a new start to even the most disadvantaged of individuals. 

With a lifelong love for the sport, we know how important it is for boxers, professionals and beginners alike to have only the best equipment for training and competition. That’s also why we seek to make our products accessible to as many people as possible, working with charities and youth boxing clubs across the UK to give young boxers the gear they need to realise their dreams. 

Phenom’s Values 

Everything we do at Phenom is guided by these core values: 

We work as a team and give each other respect. 

We’re driven by a pursuit of excellence, equipping our athletes with only the best products that are built to last. 

We’re always focused on continuous improvement - every Phenom product outperforms its predecessor. 

We care for our colleagues, and we don’t do ‘piece rates’ - everyone who works for Phenom is a salaried employee, with generous benefits. 

We care for our customers - providing high-quality products, listening to their feedback and assisting them with great customer support. 

We give back to the community by supporting local boxing gyms and young boxers in deprived communities.