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What Boxing Gloves Should I Use For Training?

Your gloves are vital in the ring. They’re the only barrier between you and your opponent. But what about when there is no opponent? Even if you’re only squaring up...

Your gloves are vital in the ring. They’re the only barrier between you and your opponent. But what about when there is no opponent? Even if you’re only squaring up to a punch bag, your gloves are still just as important for training, as they are for a big fight. In fact, as a boxer, you’ll almost definitely spend more time training than fighting competitively, and training is vital to helping you perform at your best, so it’s important to invest in the right equipment. 

So which gloves should you use for training? In this guide, we make it easy, and show you exactly which gloves are best suited to each stage of training. 


Bag Gloves 

As with all of the gloves in this guide, thankfully the name we use to describe them makes many of the variations quite self explanatory. However there’s more than meets the eye. Bag gloves and bag mitts have been specifically designed to be used with punch bags while training. The key difference between these and sparring gloves is that they only protect your hands, offering no protection towards your opponent. That’s why bag gloves should be used solely for bag and pad work, and not for sparring, as you could injure anyone in the path of your glove. 

Bag gloves are constructed using high density foams to provide high levels of protection, but this can sometimes reduce feedback. They typically feature a hook and loop closure for the ease of fastening. Bag mitts are designed to help you focus on correct punching technique and accuracy while improving hand strength. They provide essential protection whilst giving you a bare knuckle feeling. 

But what if you want to train with more than a punch bag? 


Sparring Gloves 

Sparring gloves are what you’ll be looking for if you’re starting to spend more time training with a sparring partner. The aim of sparring is to improve your performance and not to knock out your partner. Sparring gloves are specifically designed with softer more cushioned padding, which ensures the highest level of protection from injury for you and your sparring partner. Sparring gloves are available in a variety of weights, however, depending on your bodyweight, you should only really be using these at 14oz or above.

But what if you want a pair of gloves that can be used for sparring or bag work


Training Gloves 

Training gloves are suitable for training with bags/pads or a sparring partner. The padding is dense enough to use on heavy bags, but also offer sufficient cushioning for sparring. They’re a good option if you’re undecided between sparring and bag work or only do a little of both. However extensive usage of these on heavy bags is not recommended as it will roughen the outer surface and over time reduce the softness of the padding.

They’re made to provide protection to both the user and someone on the opposite side of your glove, with padding for the hands and the knuckles, as well as added wrist support.

Ready to take that next step up, you’ll need the right gloves for the task. 


Fight Gloves 

While made to give you a competitive edge, fight gloves are also great for pre-fight training. When you’re prepping for competition with your coach, you’ll get the greatest benefit by building up more time with exactly the same gear you’ll use when it really counts. Every glove feels different, and getting as much experience as possible with a fighting glove will help you when you’re squaring up to an opponent. 

We also have a specially designed XDT glove for pre-fight training, with the same fit and feel of our fight glove but with enhanced durability and  protection.


Time To Get Training 

Now you know the differences between the various types of gloves, you’ll be able to get the right gloves for the right training task, helping you reach the top of your game. Be sure to check out our full collection

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