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Ryan Garcia: Future Legend? Everything You Need To Know About ’King Ryan'

Ryan Garcia is one of the youngest stars ever to take the boxing world by storm. Age 24, already dubbed King Ryan and known for his lightning fast "flash punches"...

Ryan Garcia is one of the youngest stars ever to take the boxing world by storm. Age 24, already dubbed King Ryan and known for his lightning fast "flash punches" Garcia is already the world's sixth-best active lightweight, and current... This guy is making waves, and taking names.

In this latest Phenom boxer profile, we take a look at the already storied career of this young titan, exploring his path to greatness, both in the ring, and outside of it. 

A Rising Star… of Baseball?

Growing up in the sun-kissed town of Los Alamitos in Southern California, Garcia fell in love with sport at an early age. This love soon translated into high scores, but not, surprisingly, in boxing. Garcia’s first passion came in the form of baseball, with many seeing him as “the next Babe Ruth” (the legendary baseball player from the early 1900s). But bats and balls it wasn’t to be, as Garcia soon became more interested in hitting different kinds of strikes - ones involving a fist and a glove. 

Garcia later noted, “I wanted a sport where it could be one-on-one. My uncle showed me a video of a sport called boxing. I was like, 'All right, I’ll try it’. He took me to his garage and put a pair of gloves on me, and right when I did that first jab, I was pretty much just in love with the sound of the mitt. That snap.”

The rest, as they say, is history. 

A Not-So-Amateur Career 

With Olympic ambitions, Garcia was now waiting in the wings while the professional stage was set. 

Garcia’s passion for boxing made him an unstoppable force in the amateur world, with a record of 215 wins to only 15 losses. He was a 15-time national champion and won gold medals at the Ringside World Championships, Junior Olympics, and the National Golden Gloves. In 2014, he was named the USA Boxing Youth Male Athlete of the Year.

The Knockout King 

Garcia entered the professional boxing world with a bang at the tender age of 17 in 2016. His winning streak in amateur competition wasn’t a fluke - he was unstoppable in the big rings too. 

His first professional bout against Edgar Meza was a thunderous victory, and that led to him quickly being snapped up by Golden Boy Promotions, one of the biggest boxing promoters in the business. 

By 2020, Garcia had already amassed a perfect record of 20 wins, with 17 of those coming by way of knockout. Notable victories include a first-round knockout of Romero Duno and a stunning seventh-round knockout against Luke Campbell, which earned him the interim WBC Lightweight Title. Garcia's rapid ascent in the boxing world turned heads and quickly established him as a future star.

The Flash’s Lightning Fast Hands

Ryan Garcia knocks other boxers out of the park with his lightning-fast hand speed, something that has earned him another nickname - ‘The Flash’. 

His rapid combinations and powerful punches often leave his opponents dazed and confused in the midst of battle. Garcia's speed has often been compared to that of legendary boxers like Sugar Ray Leonard and Manny Pacquiao, boxers he once could have only dreamed about being compared to. 

Social Media Sensation 

Ryan Garcia's success isn't limited to the boxing ring. He has a massive following on social media, with millions of followers across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

One of the boxing world’s first social media influencers, his charismatic personality, eye-catching training footage, and behind-the-scenes content have attracted fans worldwide, giving them a ringside seat to the King Ryan story. 

Garcia has used his online presence to expand his brand, secure endorsements, and create hype around his fights. The hype has paid off too; in 2021 he signed an endorsement deal with US energy drinks brand Gatorade, making him the first boxer to ever front a Gatorade advertising campaign. 

The Future’s Bright For The Flash

After a meteoric rise through the upper echelons of boxing, and still only 24 years of age, Garcia is already one of the world’s most famous boxers with his sights set on global domination. 

From ruling the amateur circuit to capturing the WBC interim lightweight title, Garcia has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. His magnetic personality and social media influence have only elevated his status, turning him into a brand ambassador for major brands like Gatorade.

With his remarkable speed, exceptional talent, and a growing list of accomplishments, the question of whether Ryan Garcia will become a future legend in the boxing world seems more like an inevitability. As he continues to write his own story in the annals of boxing history, the world will undoubtedly be watching, captivated by the electric performance of ‘King Ryan.’

“Thank you to those who have been supporting me since day one. You have seen my whole journey from the garage to the biggest stage”. - Ryan Garcia.

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